Monday, 16 May 2016

Create Fashionable Clothing Using fashion Trims by ABM FASHION
Is there any denying that fashion has taken many forms? So much so that the items that used to beautify our homes are now also worn with clothes. However, it does not mean that the fashion sense has gone bizarre. It simply means that fashion has become more creative and innovative. Now there is something called trim, which used to be used with the home décor items. But today, we get to see them as the part of the fashion clothing as well. The word ‘fabric’ elicits many types of images in our minds. We might think about luxurious fabrics, silk items, and so much more. However, there is something else which many may not have noticed but it has still made inroads into the fashion industry. They are called ‘trims’. Here is how one can create some really fashionable clothing items using the trims.

Think unique and innovative

Trims are a great way to enhance any dress instantly. However, when one is thinking about using the trims, they often end up seeing the pictures and try to replicate it as it is. More often than not, the results are far from satisfactory. Some people would not know but if one is using the trims, it is easier to create a unique design than copying someone else’s design. In fact, trims are a wonderful supplement to any dress that can make amazing customized clothing. It is advisable to use the high quality trim as it will make the dress look incredible. This is why one must go for fashion trim by ABM Fashion as they have the highest quality trims available in the market. Here are some of the trims available with them.

Some of the popular fashion trims

Classic trims are very much in demand. They are indeed the most used. Here are some really nice classic fashion trim by ABS Fashion.

-          Piping: Piping is something that is very common with the home décor items. But it can be very creatively used with the clothing items as well. For instance, one can give a very sharp look to a black blazer with the help of the white piping sewn along the edge of the collar. Also, they can be used for lapel edges.

-          Flat Trims: These trims can be used in a number of ways to create some really fashionable clothing. Some of the options available are metallic braids, grosgrain ribbon, and satin ribbon. These trims are extremely easy to stitch to any type of fabric. Dresses for women and girls can be easily styled using the trims. For instance, if there is a sundress for a girl it can be beautified with satin ribbon by stitching several rows of it along the hemline as well as above it.

-          Retro Trim: There is something about the retro trims that is unbeatable. It takes us back to the olden days. Thankfully, these trims are available in a number of colors and even sizes. It can be a perfect addition to any traditional as well as modern style dress.


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