Thursday, 18 February 2016

Breath-taking Buttons Reigning Fashion and Apparel Industry
In contemporary fashion and apparel design elements, button design and layout holds prime significance. A button is a trifling clasp, usually made of plastic, but also made of metal, wood or seashell, which fixes two pieces of cloth jointly. A button is a generally dynamic representation of artifacts, tribal art work, miniature art etc.Buttons are typically measured in lines.
Different types of contemporary buttons are;

1.    Covered Buttons: fabric-coated forms with a detached back part that fixes the material over the grip.

2.    Mandarin Buttons: Also known as Frogs are grips made of involved tied strings. Mandarin buttons are a chief elements in Mandarin attire.
3.    Worked or Cloth Buttons: Created by stitching or crocheting tight threads over a knot or ring called a form. Dorset buttons, hand crafted from the 17th century, are of this category.

Buttons are creative, colourful and trendy. There are numerous online shops and retail outlets that deal with various types of fashionable wholesale buttons. ABM Fashions is one such name renowned worldwide.

Who are we?

ABM Fashion Sourcing Inc is operational since 1989 and based out of Los Angeles. We offer one stop solution and hub of products like wholesale buttons, broach, cord stopper, hook and eye, pin buttons, trims, toggles, buckle, bids, rings and accessories.

Our Specialities:

•    We are a leading global name in the fashion and apparel industry; with more than 800 employees, 60, 000 square feet warehouse designing 200000 styles of buttons and 30,000 styles of belts.

•    We produce best quality products at most competitive prices.

•    We have our own production unit, own sets of Italian machineries and appliances and best in class quality control measures.
Procuring Products from AMB Fashions: Why Us?

ABM Fashions is the leading and supreme name in the global apparel accessories market. With best in class products and most inspiring production procedure; here is a list of reasons which makes it one the best place for button business.

•    We have a strong and expert sales and support team which specialises in seamless sales and marketing networking and after-sales customer support.

•    Our research and development and design teams of these companies deal with best looking and trendy buttons- tailor made and colourful.

•    We have a wide plethora pf products and each one of them has their own significance and attributes. Such as: Shirt buttons are commonly smaller as compared to others and spaced nearby together, whereas jacket buttons are huge and spaced at distances.  We also make synthetic like vergie, wren, Scott, jerzy, wim, zula, almeda, adin and Zenon. However we also manufacture buttons made of horn, organic materials, and metal and sea shell.

•    The technology used in warehouses and production units are world class and the millions of customers using these products attain utmost satisfaction and delight.  

•    We are an ecologically aware organisation. We constantly work to save energy and peruse sustainable development of the environment by making products from recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

•    We are an expert in post-production work also. We are capable and punctual in product shipment and can send your order directly to our factory right on time in a seamlessly hassle-free manner.


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